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Series Awards
YearSeries Class Position
2008SMX Fall Series 85 7-113rd
2007SMX Fall Series 65 7-9 2nd of 19
2007SMX Spring Series 65 7-9 2nd
2006Frozen Winter Series 65 7-9 2nd of 22
2005Saturday Night Moto Madness Series65 7-9 14th of 79
2005Frozen Winter Series 65 7-9 5th
2004Saturday Night Moto Madness Series50 Shaft4th

April 26, 200985 7-11Half Moon MX Park-Half Moon, NC
February 11, 200765 7-9Half Moon MX Park-Half Moon, NC
May 21, 200665cc Fun RaceRunninbrand GPGarmon Ranch-Centre, AL

Video Footage

Testing the 85cc Waters
60 Foot Table Top, Jacksonville, NC, July 14, 2007
Half Moon Rhythm Section, Jacksonville, NC, July 14, 2007-2.6mb
Tuscarora MX, Tuscarora, NC, March 24-25, 2007 (Warning, background music contains profanity)
Half Moon MX, Jacksonville, NC, February 11, 2007-19.5mb
Half Moon MX, Jacksonville, NC, August 27, 2006
30ft Double, Calhoun, GA, July 2, 2006
RunninBrand GP, Centre, AL-15.9mb
Back Yard Jumping-1.11mb
Bremen Mud Party (PW50)-5.17mb
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Big Table 2

My Blog

racing in or not quite pain

Today I raced at Tuscarora MX!I went 4 - 3 which made me third.First moto I did something stupid and forgot to turn in the second turn after the best start I have ever had at the track.I went from third to last while the bike's handlebars landed on my foot and got an enormous bruise on my upper leg that I just noticed after I took my shower today.Mitchell went 1 - 1 like almost always,Marshall went 2 - 2, Collin went 3 - 4,Sammy went 6 - 5,Trentin went 5 - 6,and I ended up between Marshall and Collin.Second moto, Trentin fell right in front of me at the start and I accidently ran over his head.It was a good thing he was wearing his helmet at the time!Second and last mistake my friend Kyler Shuman clipped Dustin James backtire trying to make the pass for by tugging in the inside,but what stinks is that I went over Kyler's backtire and stolled it.Sammy was smart and took the outside and snugged around me while I was getting my bike started.I passed Sammy back by getting a better drive going into the finish line.When I passed Dustin trying to catch up to Collin and scared him going into a 33' double.While I was going down that same straightway I was wheeling vertical sitting down.At the end of the race I did a one footer over the finish line cause I was so excited after making two mistakes and still finishing third place!I say I did excellent!I'll try writting again this week or next week after the Halfmoon race.

posted April 29, 2007 at 4:53 PM


Today I went to Tuscarora MX for a race. I was in the 65 7-9 class.

I have never done a rope start in my life. So I had really bad starts. When I got into the turns and jumps I pulled in on. I learned five new jumps. I got the double beside the finish line, the six pack, and the second double in the rhythm section. I have also been practicing on whips on the table on the backside.

I have finished second place. In the first moto everybody got laped, except me. In the second moto fourth place stayed on the lead lap.

This is the results that I know of:
1. Mitchell Biskup (KTM)
2. Christian Evans

Thats all I know of, but Collin Braziel #202 (KTM), Dustin James #22 (Suzuki), #7 (Suzuki) & in the 10-11 class Kyler Schuman #216 (Kawasaki) won it and also got last at the same time. Oh and by the way, I was doing the six pack in sixth gear, which made my dad really surprised. Thats how my race was at Tuscarora. I love the second place.

posted March 11, 2007 at 5:11 PM

not doing it

I didn\'t do a thing at Halfmoon today.I wasn\'t in the mood for jumping anything.Some reason when I wake up this morning, I was confident and when when we got there I wasn\'t myself.I had laziness.I thought I was slowery than usual and if you were there you might agree.I roled every double there was.It\'s slow roling everything in a track that I\'m usually fast at.It makes me feel like a beginner.I feel like an advanced not a beginner.

posted February 24, 2007 at 4:43 PM

trying new jumps

Tommorrow I\'m going to try and do the six pack at Halfmoon.Last week I tried to do the first one, but failed succede.I ran into a rope really hard.I say I\'ve been going really fast there.Hopefully I\'ll do it insted of casing every dubble like I usually do.They look real easy, my dad even agrees, I think I will do it. I feel really confident.

posted February 23, 2007 at 6:27 PM